Zwei Zebras is a brand dedicated to the intersection of photography, conservation, and education. It was founded by Anskar Lenzen and Lea Milde, two ecologists and photographers driven by a passion for their craft. Based in northern Germany, they operate globally with a mission to inspire. Over time they have grown to be advocates for an ethical approach to nature and wildlife photography, as well as sustainable and conscious travel.


A picture can speak volumes and serve as a voice for the voiceless. Their award-winning imagery, captured with deep respect for nature and without the use of baiting or unnecessary disturbance to wildlife, serves as a powerful tool to communicate their beliefs and views on our world. Over time, they have honed their skills in capturing conservation stories within urban habitats, where animals have begun to adapt to our anthropocentric lifestyle and human-dominated landscapes. In such environments, wildlife is less shy and allows for creative compositions and unique stories to be told. Through their imagery, Anskar and Lea not only inspire others to explore nature but also to take action and make a positive change in the world.


Anskar and Lea’s passion for wildlife extends beyond just photography. Over time, they have worked on various conservation projects in exotic countries, from monitoring leopard populations in Sri Lanka to camera trapping in the Ecuadorian jungle. Although their work was primarily scientific research, their camera accompanied them on each job. Through this experience, they have learned to convey the complex language of science through the medium of photography. Through their conservation photography, they aim to give a voice to the important work of NGOs and scientists. As conservationists, Anskar and Lea are dedicated to making a positive change in the world, and they would be honoured to have you join them in this endeavour. We all have a story to tell and now is the time to do so!


Since joining social media, raising awareness and educating the public about environmental issues has been a primary objective for the two photographers. With their master’s degrees in wildlife ecology, they possess the perfect scientific and ecological background to not only capture stunning images but also to tell the story behind them. Utilizing their expert knowledge, they always work in a scientifically sound and fact-based manner to ensure maximum quality and accuracy. Education takes many forms and raising awareness is just one aspect of it. Offering workshops on an ecological approach to wildlife photography is a key task for the two photographers to educate people face-to-face. Through their knowledge in photography and ecology, they aim to impart their values and perspectives to like-minded individuals who are similarly passionate and motivated.

Anskar Lenzen

Anskar Lenzen is a 33-year-old wildlife ecologist from Germany whose life has been shaped by an abiding fascination with nature and animals. His interest deepened during his studies in Wildlife Management in the Netherlands and Wildlife Ecology in Vienna, where he gained a wealth of in-field experience across the world, from Ecuador to Sri Lanka and various European countries. These years awakened a deep urge for adventure and exploration within him.

Since then, Anskar has travelled to countless countries, fuelling his desire to capture the moments he experiences through photography. After purchasing his first DSLR in 2015, it took years for his hobby to evolve into a passion, and the passion into a profession. Today, he works with a Sony a7iv full-frame camera, editing his images with Adobe Lightroom.

Through his experience in various fields of photography, he has formed temporary and lasting partnerships with several sustainable brands. On social media, Anskar raises awareness for different environmental topics, and tens of thousands of people have chosen to follow along on this journey. Combining his expert knowledge of nature and wildlife conservation with photography on camera and film has become a major task in Anskar’s life, alongside his work as a biologist for a private ecological consultancy office.

Anskar’s hope is that his images will motivate and inspire people to reflect on our world and take action against the environmental problems we face. There is so much to discover, and every bit is worth saving!

Connect with Anskar on Instagram: @anskar.lenzen

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” – Ansel Adams

Lea Milde

Lea Milde is a wildlife ecologist, conservationist, and nature conservation photographer from Germany. She possesses a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Wildlife Ecology and Wildlife Management. Her conservation-related studies have given her the opportunity to work with wildlife on a global scale, including in countries such as Uganda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and various countries throughout Europe. Her camera has been a loyal companion on these research expeditions. However, it wasn’t until 2018 that she began to transition her passion for photography into a professional pursuit. Today, Lea works with a Sony a7iv full-frame camera and edits her images using Adobe Lightroom.

Since 2020, Lea is an Ambassador for Girls Who Click, a non-profit organization that supports young women in nature photography. She has been mentored by renowned wildlife photographer and nature guide Janet Kleyn, as well as conservation photographer and former National Geographic Kids Magazine picture editor Karine Aigner. Lea has been recognized by National Geographic Deutschland (Germany), who named her Newcomer Wildlife Photographer of 2022. Additionally, in 2022, Lea´s work has received “Commended” in the “Attention to Detail” category at the prestigious Bird Photographer of the Year competition and was included in the accompanying Collection 7 book.

Lea is deeply passionate about capturing the wild in all its forms, from the birds in her backyard to the iconic wildlife of Africa and the diverse ecosystems of the world. With her camera and scientific background, she endeavours to tell stories about conservation efforts, raise awareness for the threats facing wildlife today, and ultimately, bring people closer to nature.

Find her on Instagram: @lea.milde


Zwei Zebras

In 2019, Anskar and Lea embarked on a three-week road trip to Namibia, seeking to experience and photograph the unique beauty of the country. This adventurous assignment proved to be a defining moment in their careers as wildlife and conservation photographers, yielding a wealth of captivating imagery. One particularly striking photograph, captured on a windy morning amidst an approaching sandstorm, depicts two zebras standing in opposite directions, facing the harsh conditions of the Namibian desert.

While most safari vehicles retreated to camp in the face of the storm, Anskar and Lea chose to remain and persevere through the violent winds and scouring sand, determined to capture the perfect shot. The resulting image not only garnered significant media attention, but also became a favourite of the photographers themselves.

Their affection for this image led them to adopt it as a loose template for both the brand name and logo of their organization. “Zwei Zebras” is a German alliteration translating to “Two Zebras” and represents not only the brave zebras facing a sandstorm in the desert, but also the photographers themselves, who are willing to go through great lengths to capture the perfect image.

The logo was designed and created by Sarah Postner, a veterinarian from Vienna, Austria. Known as @travelokapi she also draws artwork for wildlife conservation.