Anskar and Lea are committed to creating striking and powerful imagery within the realm of green-orientated industries. They collaborate with sustainable outdoor, travel, and tourism companies, capturing and promoting green services or products. Their work with eco-friendly clients across the globe resulted in experience of a variety of photographic fields. Their photographic expertise hence extends beyond capturing wildlife and natural scenes to product photography, interior and exterior design shoots, and people and lifestyle campaigns.

Their services include professional product photography and visually captivating content creation for eco-friendly brands, businesses, or campaigns. These images can be utilized for social media platforms, websites, and other marketing purposes. In addition to producing a strong visual representation of places, products, and people, they also offer social exposure to their community-focused social media platforms, sharing clients’ stories in an authentic and creative manner. Their expertise in wildlife, nature, and conservation, coupled with their passion for photography, make them a distinctive presence on social media. They strive to capture products, nature, and wildlife in the most ethical and sustainable way possible.

Anskar and Lea offer customer- and goal-oriented services, listening attentively to their clients’ needs while incorporating their own creativity. They prefer to use natural lighting in commercial shoots and incorporate nature as much as possible. Based in Northern Germany, they are not limited to a specific location and welcome global inquiries. They stand for expert knowledge, authenticity, and sustainability, and prefer to collaborate with green and sustainable brands. A list of selected clients can be found below.

If you are interested in working with them or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact them or to download the extensive media kit below.